Once upon a Time in New York City




New York Legend by Torgny Lilja

In my mind, I can still hear that typical sound from the streets of Manhattan. My stay there was like being born and growing up again.

First, I knew nothing but a room. Then I came to know the Lexington Avenue, then some streets and some shops, then Park Avenue and 3rd and 2nd Avenues... Soon I discovered Central Park, Grand Central and Downtown Manhattan.

I saw famous places, I went to university, I got to know people, I got friends, I was in love, I got a job, I saw rich people and poor people, I saw some people in despair and many happy people. I rediscovered my roots working for the Consulate General of Sweden in New York. And I thought to myself, this is my whole life coming back to me.

Fine art in NYC
The Old Man at the Y